Pipiwai Protest…

Residents of Pipiwai have hit the media in the last week as they blocked logging trucks from being able to use gravel roads.

If you didn’t hear about it, check out this news clip.

It might seem like drastic measures. But this is not a new problem and this is not the first time they have tried to get the issue addressed.

This is a story that Te Karere did last year on the problem.

Two years ago they set up road blocks, frustrated at the lack of action. Houses are being destroyed and their health is suffering.

Three years ago they were fighting for the roads to be tar-sealed.

Coverage of the dusty road problems for Pipiwai have been covered by Te Karere since 1993!

That is 23 years!

Provocative action seems to be the only way they can hope to get the dust to settle once and for all.


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