Standing with Standing Rock

There has been a lot of publicity around the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Over recent weeks there was a groundswell of support from Māori for our Indigenous brothers and sisters of Standing Rock tribe.

Haka with Standing Rock has over 47,000 members.

Some travelled to Dakota to offer their physical support to the PEACEFUL protestors. It reminds me of the peaceful protest movement of Parihaka.

It is incredible to learn that the protestors have won their bid to stop the pipeline being built through Standing Rock.

This has been an incredible example of provocative action from around the world in support of First Nations people.  Some might question why Māori would involve themselves in someone else’s fight.

Indigenous people around the world share so much despite coming from different cultures. They share many positive aspects but they also share the challenges that come with being a minority group.

The voice of a small group of people fighting for the right to protect their land and their future was strengthened from people across America and around the world.

Provocative action at its best!


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